Village Hall,

    Important Notice


    The Trustees of the hall are concerned that all hirers, in the interests of other users, look after the Hall and its facilities as much as possible.
    It would therefore be appreciated if hirers would leave the Hall in the condition that they would wish to find it.


    Hirers should also bear in mind that the Hall is located close to a number of private houses.
    The Hall operates under a Premises License issued by Uttlesford District Council.
    Any breach of the terms and conditions of that License may result in the License being amended or even revoked.


    Hirers must therefore understand that they should ensure that their event finishes strictly within the stipulated time limits;
    that it does not create any disorder or nuisance to local residents by way of noise and that alcohol is not served to minors.
    If the planned event is thought likely to breach any of these conditions, hirers are advised to seek an alternative venue.


    The Hall Committee reserves the right to fine offenders, breaching these rules or leaving the Hall in an unsatisfactory condition, out of the deposit fee.


    For more information please read the FAQ's with the Terms and Conditions below.



    Booking Information

    Fees & Conditions


    General rates (Individuals & Groups)

    Per Hour

    Per Day

    Main Hall (Including Kitchen and Bar Annexe)

    Monday to Thursday and Sunday

    9.00am till 11.00pm



    + Marion Faber Room



    Friday 9.00am till 6.00pm



    + Marion Faber Room



    Friday 6.00pm till Midnight


    + Marion Faber Room


    Saturday 9.00am till 6.00pm



    + Marion Faber Room



    Saturday 6.00pm till Midnight


    + Marion Faber Room



    Two day hire for Non-Profit Organisations


    Marion Faber Meeting Room (including Kitchen)



    Weddings (from midday)


    Young Childrens Parties


    + Marion Faber Room


    Commercial Hire (per day)


    Two day Commercial Hire


    Cancellation Rates

    4 weeks or more notice

    100% Refund

    Less than 4 weeks

    75% Refund

    Less than 2 weeks

    50% Refund

    How much does it cost to hire Newport Village Hall?


    The basic charge is £12 per hour but other charges apply to weddings and commercial hires etc. – see list of charges above.
    A £100 security deposit is required.


    How do I obtain the key?


    The security key is obtainable from Newport Village Store, CB11 3QY, located opposite the turning to the Wicken Road.
    A returnable deposit of £25 is required.


    What does the key open?


    The key will open the main hall door and the door to The Marion Faber Room.
    It will also unlock the padlock on the car park gate.


    Can I supply alcohol at my event?


    Please see details about the supply of alcohol, Terms and Conditions No 16.
    Newport Village Hall holds a licence for the supply of alcohol on its premises.
    Hirers must use common sense to avoid supplying to minors or to anybody already suffering from excessive alcohol.


    What else should I know?


    Hirers are expected to leave the Hall clean and tidy after their event and to place all rubbish in the skip in the car park.
    There is a broom cupboard located in the left hand corridor to help with any clean up.
    The Management may withhold all or part of the deposit to cover any extra costs associated
    with any additional cleaning required.

    Hirers must ensure that local residents are not disturbed by excessive noise either from inside the Hall or by people congregating outside the building. 


    What is the Hall's capacity?


    The Hall’s capacity is maximum 120 standing, 80 seated. 




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